Tips! Staying healthy whilst travelling

It’s been a while since I last posted, but what a crazy year it’s been. Final semester of university really took a toll and although I still gymed and ate consciously, University was my main priority and I have since completed my degree with a first class honours. All the hard work really paid off, but that’s the end of that chapter and I can now focus on building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I have recently come back from an amazing trip to South Korea and challenged myself to maintain my healthy lifestyle as much as I could, whilst trying new things. It was difficult and I found myself eating food I completely cut from my diet, but these little tips might help yourselves (and future me) to try and stay on a steady path of indulgence, so it’s easier to snap back into shape post travelling.

1. Food on the plane!

The challenge starts at the point of transport. Me and my sisters to this day have always been ridiculously excited about airplane food – something about the little bread roll, desserts and plane snacks fill us with excitement.  I soon realised airplane food is mainly a lot of carbs and low protein, and when combined with a 12 hour flight of purely sitting, its not the most healthiest and doesn’t aid well to dealing with jet lag.

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4 small habits to adopt for a healthier 2018

Happy New Year! 2018 is among us and what better time to start making little changes into your daily life that will definitely contribute to bigger changes. It can be immensely difficult to start your healthy journey by making drastic changes, so I’m not telling you to join a gym in 2018 nor telling you to entirely change your diet, just incorporate some or all of these habits and you’ll thank me later 😉

  1. Get up early!

Kind of obvious, but my biggest downfall. This is a habit I also want to improve in 2018, if you know me you’ll know how bad my sleep routine used to be in the first couple of years of University. Although in the last few years it has improved due to being out on placement and having to wake up early as well as being stricter on myself.

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5 Fitness tips for beginners!

  1. Schedule in your gym sessions

If you schedule in your gym sessions, you’re more likely to stick to it and actually go to the gym. Try and go to the gym at the same time everyday, for example whilst I was on placement I would take everything I would need for the gym to work, and then go straight after work. This meant I had no excuses and I know once I go home I’d be too lazy to leave again. Now that I’m back at University it is a little more difficult as I don’t go at the same time, but I do plan in advance and go to my lectures in my gym clothes so again, no excuses!!

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Protein Energy Balls

I’ve only made these a couple of times  but they’re a great little protein snack if you’re out and about and need a protein boost. They’re also super convenient if you’re a morning gym person (defo not me, but I’m trying) and need to grab something to give you an energy boost pre workout. Make these the night before and they can be left in the fridge for up to a week and are great to help with sugar cravings.

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Meal Prepping like a pro (or a beginner)

I don’t call myself a pro when it comes to meal prepping, I’m still incredibly new to it and still have a long way to go before I perfect it and reduce the amount of time I spend in the kitchen. I had heard of ‘meal prepping’ but it never appealed to me, I thought it was only something guys did when they were bulking and besides I can’t really cook anyway.

During my placement I’d be working full time and then go to the gym straight after work, so by the time I’d get home I’d be exhausted and eating late thus sleeping late. One day I decided to meal prep my dinners for the week and wow did it change my life. Eating out of a tupperware box with food a few days old doesn’t sound very appetising but I found the benefits outweighed the negatives immensely.

Benefits of prepping your meals:

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What I eat in a day!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of going to bed after a whole day of eating clean.

What I eat each day does tend to vary, as I like changing my meals up but when I was on placement I would meal prep more or less the same breakfast and dinners to remain consistent with my weekly goals alongside gyming every day. I also do have those ‘cheat’ days, usually when I’m out socialising but if I’m at home, work or at University I tend to stick to my routine and avoid ‘cheats’. However If I’m craving some cake or ice-cream I’ll have that cake and then go back to my healthy eating without putting myself down (unless the cake tasted bad then I’ll be regretful for days *sigh*).

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Healthy Banana Bread

Overripe bananas? make some banana bread! It’s great for a dessert, snack or breakfast on the go and substitutes all the bad ingredients for natural whole ingredients. The riper bananas you have the naturally sweeter the bread will taste and this recipe contains no added sugar or oil.

Now I’ll have to be honest I rarely weigh my food when it comes to cooking or baking as I prefer to just experiment and throw things into a bowl but I will do my best to give an accurate representation of how I made this delicious bread!

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My very first Smoothie Bowl!

Welcome to my very first blog post, I thought I’d start by sharing my attempt at making my first smoothie bowl. Now don’t get me wrong I used to make smoothies religiously and take them to work where I would have to spend at least 10 minutes discussing my smoothie ingredients with my colleagues every day. Anyhow I stopped making them for a while, mainly because I got super lazy but also because I would prefer eating raw fruit and veg and smoothies can sometimes increase sugar content levels, which although natural, can still be too much. But I’ve always liked how appealing smoothie bowls look and as they were flooding my Instagram I thought I’d give it a go.

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