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What I eat in a day!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of going to bed after a whole day of eating clean.

What I eat each day does tend to vary, as I like changing my meals up but when I was on placement I would meal prep more or less the same breakfast and dinners to remain consistent with my weekly goals alongside gyming every day. I also do have those ‘cheat’ days, usually when I’m out socialising but if I’m at home, work or at University I tend to stick to my routine and avoid ‘cheats’. However If I’m craving some cake or ice-cream I’ll have that cake and then go back to my healthy eating without putting myself down (unless the cake tasted bad then I’ll be regretful for days *sigh*).

I also don’t really count my macros or calories I just try and eat clean throughout the day and incorporate some protein in all my meals whilst sticking to fish, eggs and chicken as my main sources. My metabolism is quite high and so I eat around 4/5 meals a day including snacks. This is personally what works for my body (it may differ from each person) and as I’ve been eating healthier I’ve seen phenomenal changes.

Anyway some days are better than others, but here’s a pretty good day of eating if I do say so myself…



As soon as I wake up I’ll have a glass of water and I’ll start my day with my two favourite foods in the world…eggs and avo’s! Fried, scrambled, boiled I don’t have a preference but on this particular day I had a cut up boiled egg on one wholemeal toast with some black pepper. I like to start my day with some healthy fats too, so as well as the yolk I had half an avocado with a little Nandos peri peri salt. I also had a mug of green tea no sugar.

Snack 1:

For my first snack I prepped some yogurt and oat pudding the night before (picture above) topped with some blueberries and chia seeds. And I’m constantly drinking water all day!



Lunch was basically using up everything in my kitchen and making a big nutritious salad. It contained some spinach, ice berg lettuce, cucumber, beetroot, home-grown tomatoes, shredded ham and topped with chia and sunflower seeds. I then drizzled some apple cider vinegar and a dash of olive oil on top.

Snack 2:

My second snack of the day before I hit the gym or a workout is either a protein shake or some fruit (usually a banana or an apple) and nuts (usually almonds or Brazil nuts).



If I haven’t had a protein shake previously I’ll sometimes have one after my workout followed by dinner which consisted of a fillet of poached salmon and sauteed spinach, tomatoes and mushroom cooked in a little olive oil, ginger and topped with a sprinkling of paprika.

Snack 3:

The final meal for the day is a slice of homemade banana bread with some custard and cranberries!

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