Meal Prepping like a pro (or a beginner)

I don’t call myself a pro when it comes to meal prepping, I’m still incredibly new to it and still have a long way to go before I perfect it and reduce the amount of time I spend in the kitchen. I had heard of ‘meal prepping’ but it never appealed to me, I thought it was only something guys did when they were bulking and besides I can’t really cook anyway.

During my placement I’d be working full time and then go to the gym straight after work, so by the time I’d get home I’d be exhausted and eating late thus sleeping late. One day I decided to meal prep my dinners for the week and wow did it change my life. Eating out of a tupperware box with food a few days old doesn’t sound very appetising but I found the benefits outweighed the negatives immensely.

Benefits of prepping your meals:

  • Saves sooooo much time! You’ll probably be in the kitchen for over two hours on a Sunday prepping your meals for the week but at least you’re ready for the week ahead knowing you won’t be eating crap and getting them gains.
  • Helps to stick to your goals! Whatever your fitness and health goals are in life, meal prepping can help keep you on target whether bulking, cutting or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Great for those people on the go! Whether you’re at work five days a week, at University/school or on the go a lot, taking lunch/breakfast/dinner/snacks with you is so much more convenient whilst also making sure you’re eating enough throughout the days.
  • Saves money! Buy your food supplies at the start of the week and transform them into 4/5 days’ worth of meal preps and you’ll less likely buy food outside as well as reducing the amount of food you’re wasting and throwing away.

Below is a little colourful example of a meal prep I did for four of my dinners. I get bored of eating the same dinner every day so I alternate between foods slightly with two of my main sources of protein being a salmon fillet cooked on the pan with some herbs and spices thrown in and the other two diced chicken portions. I’ve then added sweet potato mash or quinoa with vegetables and some mixed veg/broccoli. The only thing I really cook is the meat/protein sources and the rest of the veg and mash I usually buy frozen as it tends to last longer than fresh foods. They don’t have to be boring either just use what you like and experiment with different seasonings and flavours, it’s all a learning curve.

Like I have mentioned in my previous posts I don’t weigh or count my calories in these preps, just ensure I have a balanced diet as nutrition is so important to the progress of your fitness journey as my ‘What I eat in a day’ post also demonstrates.

meal prep

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