5 Fitness tips for beginners!

  1. Schedule in your gym sessions

If you schedule in your gym sessions, you’re more likely to stick to it and actually go to the gym. Try and go to the gym at the same time everyday, for example whilst I was on placement I would take everything I would need for the gym to work, and then go straight after work. This meant I had no excuses and I know once I go home I’d be too lazy to leave again. Now that I’m back at University it is a little more difficult as I don’t go at the same time, but I do plan in advance and go to my lectures in my gym clothes so again, no excuses!!

  1. Have a workout plan

It is so important to have a plan before you go to the gym, otherwise you’ll be standing in the gym confused and awkward, especially if it’s busy and most areas are taken. Prior research is key, I recently made my sister a longgg list of upper, lower and abdominal exercises she could possibly try with or without weights. If you don’t have the luxury of having a sister like me then the internet is your best friend, there’s so many exercises on various websites, blogs and YouTube that you can try and incorporate into your exercise routine. Make sure you have a variety and before each session mark the ones you want to do. I use notes on my iPhone and mark the ones I’ll be doing for the day with a little emoji as seen below!routine

  1. Track your progress

Following on from the previous tip, as well as listing your exercises I can’t stress how important it is to track down your progress. Mark the weights you’re starting with, whatever it must be, and when you feel like you can handle it, progress to a slightly heavier weight or add a small increment on. This way you can track your progress easily, otherwise what’s the point in gyming? You want to be making progress.

  1. Set a goal

Set small/medium sized goals you want to be achieving out of your sessions. You might want to lose some body fat, gain some weight, become stronger, grown your glutes… whatever it may be set a goal, like with everything in life set deadlines and write it down and try to work towards it. It may be as small as lifting 2kg more the following week, but having set goals makes it far more achievable and rewarding. It also could be in relation to cutting out foods or drinks from your diet completely, such as fizzy drinks or not consuming any chocolate on weekdays for example.

  1. Plan ahead

Finally plan ahead, as well as planning your exercises, your diet is just as vital. Plan your meals ahead, meal prep your food for the week so you know you have food at home and don’t make pit stops at fast food places which is all very tempting, especially after work or a gym sesh. Plan your workouts, plan what and when you’ll be eating in the day and you should be on your way to achieve your goals!


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