About me

Hey there!

Welcome to my blog where you’ll find various posts on food, fitness and tips on leading the healthiest lifestyle you can. I never cared about fitness, always skiving off PE at school and eating healthy was a myth. As a once skinny Indian girl I never felt as if I needed to eat healthy or exercise and my diet wasn’t the best but I would eat anything I pleased. This didn’t help my skin at all and I was in the midst of an acne breakout which is one of the main reasons I got into health and fitness.

This is when I decided to start eating more consciously and change my lifestyle a little by cutting out processed foods and drinking more water. Combining clean eating, weight training and being mindful about how I treat my body, whilst still letting myself indulge now and then, has led to an incredibly happier and healthier lifestyle. I started a blog to  track my progress on becoming physically and mentally strong as well as motivate many like myself.

Reshma X